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2023 OCCRL Equity Academy

Champaign , USA
iHotel & Conference Center (1900 S. First St., Champaign), Lincoln Room

iHotel & Conference Center (1900 S. First St., Champaign), Lincoln Room

Event Type: Conference/Workshop

"Examining Collaborative Solutions for Advancing Equity"

Join this OCCRL event as we engage community college stakeholders in discussion and practice related to bolstering equitable outcomes across diverse student populations in higher education.

Participants will have an opportunity to learn about best practices and connect with colleagues to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned in addressing systemic barriers affecting students.

The importance of continued discussions and opportunities to gather resources and build support is ever present, as institutions face continual shifts in enrollment, student demographics, and student needs, along with changes in discourses surrounding equity, policies, and practices.

Keynote Speaker and Presentation: "Me Against the World: Evaluating Collaborative Assumptions Towards Advancing Equity"
Terrance Bond, Assistant to the President, DEI, Heartland Community College
In this talk, Terrance Bond will cover the desired result of our journey towards equitable outcomes in higher education. Supportive legislators in states such as Illinois seek to advance equity, while neighboring legislative states push back on diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and practitioners.  Does the tension derive from the desired outcomes or the collaborative process? Strategic evaluation is the imperative to maintain support for equitable practices, but it is not enough.  To reach the desired result, one must challenge the assumptions fueling practice. 

Concurrent Sessions

  • Ayinde Rochon - "Merging Art and the Academy: Utilizing Photovoice to Advance and Assess Student Outcomes"
  • Jasmine D. Collins - "Rural Inequity and Opportunity in Illinois Higher Education"
  • Osly J. Flores - "Engaging Community College Educators in Conversations About Career Technical Education and Equity"
  • H.M. Kuneyl - "Using Transfer Institutional Choice Data to Inform College-to-University Partnerships"
  • Stacy Bennett - "The Role of Policy: Understanding the Relationship Between Policy Trends, Institutional Decision Making, and Student Success
  • Lorenzo Baber - "Living in Paradox: Leadership Frames for Community Colleges"

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