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Transformative Change Initiative

This project has been completed and is no longer active.
However, we hope you are able to utilize its resources.

The Transformative Change Initiative (TCI) is dedicated to assisting community colleges to scale-up innovations that improve student outcomes and program, organization, and system performance. TCI defines transformative change as follows: Raising the individual, organizational, and system performance of community colleges to unprecedented levels without sacrificing their historic commitment to access and equity. TCI is funded by Lumina Foundation, the Joyce Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Achieving the Dream is also a critical partner in this initiative.


TCI home page with goals, history, current topics, and events.

Products & Resources

Publications and supplemental resources related to TCI.

Guiding Principles

Principles supporting scaling of transformative change.

Innovative Strategies

Series of briefs featuring strategies.

Evaluation Collaborative

A group for third-party evaluators to share and learn from one another.

2014 Transformative Change Initiative booklet


Transformative Change Initiative Brochure

This brochure provides an overview of the Transformative Change Initiative, including TCI opportunities and resources and the guiding principles that frame the scaling of transformative change. Additionally, TCI has an 28-page booklet that provides an overview of the guiding principles that frame the scaling of transformative change.

Guiding Principles for Transformative Change

Guiding Principles for Transformative Change

TCI endorses the use of guiding principles that support the scaling of transformative change. These principles are not intended to dictate action, but rather enable informed decision making about the innovation and reform. They reflect theory about scaling, input of community college educators, and partners who are implementing reforms.

Strategies for Transformative Change

Strategies for Transformative Change

This brief series provides summaries of the scaling strategies employed by TAACCCT consortia. Each two-page brief describes the strategies and includes any available evidence of success.

Voices & Viewpoints
TCI Updates
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